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Report from Parent Council


          Again, I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support of Trochu Valley Parent Council; from the teachers and staff, the students and you-- the Parents! We are a small council but we do great things! Again, our only fundraiser was our 3rd Annual Quilter's and Crafter's Retreat. With your support, we raised over $8200.00. As always, we provided 8 healthy hot lunches to students and staff, supported the Grade 10 student with the highest academic mark, the drama production, Provincial level competition, staff  appreciation, bussing fees for field trips throughout the year, elementary agendas, the birthday book program K-6, etc. We helped the Breakfast Program purchase a new conveyor toaster, supported the Jr. A and B boys' teams, contributed funds toward the new  greenhouse and garden plot, and we are providing funds toward every student for yearend field trips.


          Thank you to all who have helped out by contributing their time, donations, and  talents. Over the year the Hot Lunch program has seen an increase in volunteers helping with the prep, serving and clean-up. We have seen a few new parents attending meetings, and we had more support with our Retreat. That being said, we still need more! More support, time, bodies, effort, You! It is often said, “its the same 10 people” and that holds true with us, though we don't even have that many regularly attending our meetings. Most of our decisions are made by our die-hard committed few (though we happily and excitedly welcome any new comers!) I would like to thank the Parent Council Executive, namely Jana Kober - secretary and Hot Lunch coordinator, Cindy Schmidt - treasurer, Keith Hutton - fundraising, Laura Baldwin - birthday book program, Keitha Issler - parent rep. These people come to the meetings regularly, volunteer when possible, and help make the decisions that affect our students and school.


If you are a parent of a student attending Trochu Valley, you are a member of our council. We invite everyone to come to our meetings. They are the last Monday of every month  Sept-Nov, Jan -May at 7pm. We are always looking for new, fresh ideas, input, feedback, opinions and suggestions so we can do our best for the students, staff and school. Everyone involved has worked very hard to make this a successful year and we hope to only get better.


Lynn Ann Wahl    



Highlights from Parent Council





President - Lynn Ann Wahl

Vice President - 

Secretary - Jana Kober

Treasurer - Cindy Schmidt

Parent Rep - Keitha Issler 

Fundraising - Keith Hutton

Hot Lunch - Jana Kober

There are several positions that need to be filled. If you are interested in helping with any of the committees please contact any of the executive members.


The Healthy Hot Lunch Program is back!!       

The Tro-Val Healthy Hot Lunch Committee and Parent Council are pleased to offer hot lunches; 1 per month from November to June.  The price of each lunch is $5.00 other than the FREE December and June lunches.  This opportunity is for all Trochu Valley Students and Staff. 

Parent Council Hot Lunch Form - http://2016-17 Hot Lunch Order Form.pdf


Parent Council Meetings are the Last Monday of the Month

at 7:00 pm in the Common Area at the school.


The next meeting will be March 27, 7pm.

We would love to see you!

Every Parent of a Trochu Valley Student is encouraged to attend these meetings. It is a chance to find out about all the wonderful events Parent Council helps finance and puts on for our school and students. You can share your own ideas and have input on existing events.

The 2016 Grade 8 Outdoor Education Class would like to thank the Tro Val Parent Council for their generous donation to our trip. We had a great time and could not have gone without your help. Thank You!




Tro-Val’s Raising A Reader Read-A-Thon was a tremendous success! Collectively Grades K-6 students read for 51,531 minutes – WOW! … and together raised $7,589.76 in pledges! Trochu Valley School also received generous support for the Read-A-Thon from our community: Bank of Montreal (treasure box prizes for all participants), Kneehill Adult Learning Society (class pizza party), Trochu Public Library (free books for each class) and Alberta Treasury Branch (one buddy bench) -Thank you to all our sponsors!!!! All participants of the Raising A Reader Read– a-Thon received a prize from the treasure box and $649.00 in book fair credits were handed out based upon pledge totals. In addition, the Grade 3 and the Grade 6 classes earned a pizza party for the most reading minutes! Book lights were awarded to 2    students in each class for top pledges. Hats off to:

Kindergarten – Malcolm Johns & Avory Esligar

Grade 1…Lorelei McArthur & Lizah Hogg

Grade 2 … Kallie Hogg & Franzen Dela Cruz 

Grade 3…Madison Nelson & Mason Wahl

Grade 4…Desiree Schmidt & Aidyn Martin

Grade 5…Jorga Linderman & Carl Oscan

Grade 6…Karyssa Tetz & Brooklyn Linderman

Congratulations students and thank you to all who pledged them J! We are thrilled that two buddy benches will be purchased and installed in the Spring of 2017!