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Read-a-Thon |


Tro-Val’s Raising A Reader Read-A-Thon was a tremendous success! Collectively Grades K-6 students read for 51,531 minutes – WOW! … and together raised $7,589.76 in pledges! Trochu Valley School also received generous support for the Read-A-Thon from our community: Bank of Montreal (treasure box prizes for all participants), Kneehill Adult Learning Society (class pizza party), Trochu Public Library (free books for each class) and Alberta Treasury Branch (one buddy bench) -Thank you to all our sponsors!!!! All participants of the Raising A Reader Read– a-Thon received a prize from the treasure box and $649.00 in book fair credits were handed out based upon pledge totals. In addition, the Grade 3 and the Grade 6 classes earned a pizza party for the most reading minutes! Book lights were awarded to 2 students in each class for top pledges. Hats off to:

Kindergarten – Malcolm Johns & Avory Esligar

Grade 1…Lorelei McArthur & Lizah Hogg

Grade 2 … Kallie Hogg & Franzen Dela Cruz 

Grade 3…Madison Nelson & Mason Wahl

Grade 4…Desiree Schmidt & Aidyn Martin

Grade 5…Jorga Linderman & Carl Oscan

Grade 6…Karyssa Tetz & Brooklyn Linderman

Congratulations students and thank you to all who pledged them J! We are thrilled that two buddy benches will be purchased and installed in the Spring of 2017!

A huge thank you to the organizers: Christine Vokins and Laura Baldwin and to Trochu Valley Parent Council for all of their support with this project.


Picture number 1 from the photo album called Read-a-Thon
Picture number 2 from the photo album called Read-a-Thon
Picture number 3 from the photo album called Read-a-Thon
Picture number 4 from the photo album called Read-a-Thon