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Patty Schmidt



My name is Patty Schmidt and I was born in Trochu, raised on a farm east of town and attended Pontmain and Trochu Valley schools. I loved growing up in this area and made life long friends through my school years. Growing up in a rural area is the best!  I headed off to the big city after high school and received my teaching degree at the University of Alberta. I worked in the Yukon and travelled extensively before returning to the area to teach at TroVal, raise our family and farm with my husband Ben. Together we have 7 children!  Dwight, Adam and Natalie lived in Red Deer with their mom and Laryn, Austin, Bretton and Tamryn grew up on our farm at Huxley.  I taught Grade 6 at TroVal for many years then transferred over to Pontmain to Grade 3 for another "many years!"  When Pontmain closed, I returned to TroVal continuing in Grade 3. It was an exciting time as TroVal went through renovations and we were moved to the old School Division office & curling rink.  I now teach Kindergarten and love teaching amazing 5-6 year olds part-time while having some time at home to pursue my own interests.  I've always had the best job in the world, with my 6's or 3's or K's!  Teaching has been such a huge part of my life - I have gone to school since I was 6 years old! My hobbies are reading, outdoor and indoor renovation projects, many crafts, travelling and spending time with my kids and husband!  I love animals and have 2 dogs, 5 cats and 2 horses.  Trochu Valley School is wonderful & I feel so very fortunate to work now in our new state of the art facility (with amazing technology) sharing in the education & learning with my students!